Files for the capacitive soil moisture (2 kicad projects and 1 arduino sketch with dependencies)

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Automated watering system with capacitive probe

License - CC BY-NC-SA AU v3 (attribution, non-commercial, share alike the derivatives)

For information, see Automatic Watering System With Capacitive Probe and Arduino on the Cheap on

What's in:

  1. square1-planecap - the Kicad project for the coplanar capacitive probe. The Gerber files are in ./square1-planecap/print/grbl
  2. soil-moisture2 - the Kicad project for the soil moisture controller. The gerber files are in ./soil-moisture2/print/grbl
  3. sketch-and-deps - Arduino sketch and dependecies
    • sketch-and-deps/libs - two libraries that would need installing in Arduino-IDE
    • sketch-and-deps/doc - an Excel file with the configuration modes
    • sketch-and-deps/soil-cap-logic.ino - the sketch - I'll codedoc it some time soon